QI/P4P Toolbox

Most trades have a set of tools, a toolbox, that help the tradesman perform the tasks of their trade. A carpenter's toolbox will have hammers, saws and a variety of other tools that they will use to do carpentry. An auto mechanic's toolbox will have wrenches, drivers and other tools that are designed for his trade. Each set of tools is meant to help the user perform a definitive set of tasks.

Integrity has developed a QI Toolbox containing tools that help our clinics develop and maintain a successful QI program. These tools are a set of concepts, processes and methodologies that help define QI and will make your QI efforts easier, more rewarding and much more productive.

The toolbox is put together in narrative sections with reference material following most sections. It is an open-ended manual, intended to grow as information and resources are added. Currently the QI Toolbox contains the following topics and sections.

What is QI?
QI Program Elements
PDCA Cycle

Workflow Mapping and Process Analysis
Developing AIM Statements
Data Analysis and Reporting
Forms and Tools
Current Measures and Requirements
Chart Audit Information


Prospective Clinics

In The Community

Quality Improvement

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