IHN Facility Member

With facility membership, facility:

  • Will receive acknowledgement and "promotion" amongst primary care clinics in locale

  • Will be part of a "participating provider network" in all feasible areas and contracts

  • Must join risk-type contracts which can include capitated/riskshare/gainshare/baskets of care and total of cost of care-type contracts

  • May purchase QI expertise, advice, and tools at an additional fee (cost to be determined)
       * more granular reporting and analysis of submitted data
       * QI Toolbox with updates
       * onsite training and facilitation
       * assistance in required, contract-related data collection and reporting

  • May use Integrity/Amerinet purchasing program if facility so chooses

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Our Mission: To provide a model of care inspired by and centered around our patients. We will be a model for independent medical practice - working

collaboratively to promote, exand and strengthen the independent practitioner community.