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Integrity Health Network has a robust group purchasing program to assist clinics in leveraging their purchasing dollars. We hold direct contracts with product vendors such as medical / surgical, lab, and office suppliers. Service lines we contract with include reference labs, billing services, collection agencies, and credit card processing companies. We have our own malpractice pool with MMIC. We've gone into technology contracts with Electronic Healthcare Records, e-portals, check-out encounter processing, and e-prescribing modules. We also belong to a national Group Purchasing Organization to assist in purchasing items that aren't everyday items.

Whereas some Independent Practice Associations charge a percentage back to their member clinics for using their group purchasing program, Integrity does not. We negotiate the best contracts we can and the prices we agree upon are what the clinics and facilities in our network pay. No upcharge, no hidden fees. Just one more service we provide to our independent clinics and facilities.

Our preferred partners include McKesson, Amerinet, Quest Diagnostic, LabCorp, Lockton Companies, Otis-Magie Agency, MMIC, mPay Gateway and IC System.



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