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Minnesota leads the nation in Electronic Health Records implementation. According to the MN e-Health Initiative by the Department of Health, 67% of ambulatory clinics in Minnesota have EHRs. Credit for this high implementation rate is often given to the many healthcare systems in Minnesota who've rolled EHR out in their owned clinics. What many don't realize, though, is that independent clinics in networks like Integrity are also leading the technology charge.

The clinics of Integrity Health Network have embraced the benefits of using an EHR and are at a higher implementation level than the state. As of February 2012, 100% of the primary care clinics of Integrity are using EHRs.  73% of our specialists are using them. Overall, more than 85% of our clinics are using electronic health records.

Many of the Integrity clinics have successfully met the criteria for Meaningful Use of their EHR.  Clinics who met Meaningful Use in 2011 include Christopher J Wenner, MD, PA; Northland Ear, Nose & Throat Associates; Raiter Clinic; St. Cloud Medical Group; MainStreet Clinic; and Northland Neurology & Myology.  Several others are attesting in 2012.

In 2007, Integrity created an EHR project that allowed for significant savings on a selected EHR, chose a hosting partner through whom clinics could share a server and created a regional EHR user group. By using our economies of scale, clinics who chose to use this EHR and hosting solution saved significant money over going it alone. In addition, clinics shared resources with each other, avoiding the recreating of work at each site.

That project aside, Integrity recognizes and appreciates the individual needs of each independent clinic in our network. Each clinic has had ultimate choice in determining which EHR they selected. EHRs in use by Integrity clinics include:

  • Allscripts
  • Amazing Charts
  • Care 360
  • Cerner
  • Chart Logic
  • eClinical Works
  • Epic
  • eMD
  • GE Centricity
  • Greenway
  • IRIS
  • isalus Healthcare
  • LSS
  • Meditech
  • Nextech
  • Practice Partner
  • Practice Studio

A network-wide All EHR User Group meets quarterly and brings in an expert to a speak to a topic chosen by the user group members.   They address both the clinical aspects of electronic health records and how to ensure meaningful use of the records. This group of clinic administrators and IT staff have found synergy in working together on these global areas.

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