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Integrity Health Network has a long history of self-measurement and reporting of our network performance. We have participated in programs such as Minnesota Community Measurement since their beginnings. Prior to 2011, our data was reported under the Northstar Physicians Network name. From now and forward it will appear under the Integrity banner.

While we have a strong tradition of reporting and being reported, we have recognized that some of our numbers have not always been what we would have wanted them to be. But rather than to ignore or try to refute the data, our clinics have dug in and worked hard to live up to our name.

Quality improvement is a network commitment and not just a token response to public demand. Every clinic in our network participates in quality improvement activities. And even though many specialties do not yet have a publically reported or required measure to report, each of the specialties in IHN are active in their own clinic-based measures and projects.

Informative link: Minnesota Community Measurement

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