Data Mining

From manual chart audits to EHR queries and other IT system reporting processes, data for quality improvement purposes is collected on a continual basis, by multiple and various entities. Data integrity is crucial and accuracy and completeness are required at every level.

Over time we have developed some guiding principles to help assure that the data collected has credibility:

The structure of the medical chart needs to be organized and consistent.

  • The same type of information needs to be located in each chart in the same place.
  • The information needs to be entered or written in a standard form.

Data needs to be discoverable in EHRs.

  • Any data that may need to be collected across a population need to be structured to allow extraction.
  • As a general rule, data dictated or written only in the provider's note-section is only discoverable if that specific page of that record is opened.

IHN staff is available to all members to provide consultation and data integrity improvement facilitation.

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