More Clinics Joining IHN's Integrated Health Partnership

on Wednesday, 06 July 2016.

 Integrity Health Network (IHN) announces the St. Cloud Medical Group, the practice of Christopher J. Wenner, MD, in Cold Spring, and Sartell Pediatrics of Sartell, MN, have joined IHN's Integrated Health Partnership (IHP).  

Integrity Health Network is one of the first provider groups to join the State of Minnesota's  groundbreaking approach to delivering quality health care more efficiently to low-income people, who participate in the state's Medicaid program

"This program has already saved taxpayers an estimated $75 million in its first two years," says IHN Vice President of Operations Melissa Larson. "These results align perfectly with Integrity Health Network's long-time mission to provide quality care while reducing patient costs by focusing on preventative care, reducing redundancies in care, and improving communication between providers." 

The Integrated Health Partnerships initiative rewards providers in Minnesota who carry that mission to the state's Medicaid and Medicare population by sharing cost savings with them. In contrast, the traditional payment system pays providers for the volume of care they deliver, rather than the quality of care they provide. 

This initiative is a key component of a $45 million federal State Innovation Model (SIM) grant, which is helping to drive health care reform in Minnesota. 

Other IHN clinics participating in the IHP are: 

Gateway Family Health Clinic, Moose Lake, Sandstone, Hinkley, MN

Cromwell Medical Clinic, Cromwell, MN

Raiter Clinic, Cloquet, MN 

Iron Range Clinic, Eveleth, MN


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IHN is headquartered in Duluth, MN, and is the largest, most comprehensive network of independent care providers in the region. Independent clinics are not owned by corporate systems but by the physicians who live and work in their communities.  




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