IHN Promotes Three

on Sunday, 08 November 2015.

(Duluth, MN) Integrity Health Network (IHN) has promoted three members of its staff to new executive positions.

Bruce Penner is IHN's new Vice President of Population Health. For many years, Penner has lead IHN's Quality Improvement (QI) and Total Cost of Care (TCOC) initiatives, guiding the creation of key systems that help members attain their QI goals and improve cost efficiency across the network. Under Penner's tenure, IHN has earned several QI and TCOC awards. 

Melissa Larson is Vice President of Operations for IHN, responsible for integrating all of IHN's strategic goals with its administrative operations and helping to develop and implement all of the organization's contracting strategies. She represents IHN in several local and regional alliances to further the network's mission of championing the independent healthcare community. 

Patty Johnson has been promoted to the position of Operations and Network Manager. Previously IHN's Network Services Coordinator, Johnson now oversees the business side of operations, as well as clinic support functions. Johnson has guided the network's recent upgrade to a web-based claims processing system.   

"Our network is dedicated to bringing out the best in our clinics and this wouldn’t be possible without the dedication and excellence Patty, Melissa and Bruce exhibit on a daily basis," says Jeffrey Tucker, IHN President and CEO.  "Our board understands the sacrifices they have made to accomplish our mission and unanimously approved their promotions in recognition of their hard work." 

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