IHN Leads New HIE Model

on Sunday, 08 November 2015.

A state grant is giving the green light to further development of a health information exchange (HIE) in Carlton County. This effort is spearheaded by a new collaborative of area agencies lead by Integrity Health Network (IHN).  The Minnesota Accountable Health Model project has awarded $222,748 to IHNto continue developing an HIE in Carlton County. 

The goal of an HIE is to improve the overall health of a local population by enabling providers across different health care settings – from primary care to social services to other agencies -- to have access to the information they need to coordinate patient care and keep people healthy and out of the hospital.

Many healthcare providers are now using Electronic Health Record and other technology to improve care coordination. Now, by connecting the entire spectrum of agencies that touch a patient’s life, they will receive a deeper, more comprehensive level of care.  

 "The underlying theme of this initiative is the importance of collaboration to effectively manage the patient population," says Melissa Larson, IHN COO. "Working together on the implementation of an HIE fosters both new and longstanding community relationships in an innovative way."  

The Carlton County collaborative, known as Carlton County Connects, will also connect with one of Minnesota’s State-Certified HIE Service Providers to improve information sharing between local and state agencies. The following are other organizations participating in the Carlton County collaborative:


Arrowhead Health Alliance

Augustana Mercy (Moose Lake)

Carlton County Public Health and Human Services

Community Memorial Hospital of Cloquet & Sunnyside Nursing Home

Cromwell Medical Clinic (Cromwell)
Integrity Health Innovations - ACO

Gateway Family Health Clinic (Moose Lake)

Human Development Center (Cloquet)

Mercy Hospital (Moose Lake)

Min-No-Aya-Win Medical Clinic (Cloquet)

Raiter Clinic (Cloquet)

Villa Court (Cromwell)


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