IHN CEO Reports on "Challenges and Opportunities in Healthcare"

on Wednesday, 06 July 2016.

An area of medicine where the provider is still most often an independent physician is eye care. So when 450 ophthalmologists and optometrists gathered at this year's Minnesota Eye Foundation conference, they asked Integrity Health Network (IHN) CEO/President, Jeffrey Tucker, to report on "Challenges and Opportunities in Healthcare". 

Based in Duluth, IHN is one of the largest networks of independent primary care and specialty care physicians in the Midwest.

"I was asked to present because of the various initiatives we have underway that are gaining statewide attention," says Tucker. "These include our Accountable Care Organization, Accountable Community for Health initiative, and our primary care/specialty care partnership that developed new care guidelines all of which resulted from IHN meeting and surpassing new mandates in healthcare.

Tucker also pointed attendees to other organizations that offer services for independents that help them meet the new quality and reporting standards.  

"All of these partnerships have been vital to our ability to not only move forward, but grow as a network," says Tucker. "The opportunities are there for independent providers in medicine, if they learn how to work together, in order to compete against system-supported practices."  

This was Tucker's first time addressing the Minnesota Eye Foundation, and says, "It was truly an honor to speak at this conference."

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