10 Years of E-Health Initiatives in MN: the Good, the Not-So Good

on Friday, 11 July 2014.

Director at Integrity Health Network Explains Why Mandates Need to be Revisited

(Duluth, MN) This year marks the 10th anniversary of the E-Health Initiative in Minnesota, which resulted in the implementation of Electronic Health Records and other health IT innovations, long before they were mandated by the Federal Affordable Care Act.   

Joining other health care leaders from across the nation, Bruce Penner, Director of Quality at Integrity Health Network, spoke at the Minnesota E-Health Conference, held June 11-12 in St. Louis Park and attended by clinic staff from across the state:

“E-health initiatives have consistently improved care and that needs to continue,” says Penner. “But with the overwhelming amount of data potentially available to us, we need to learn what is the most important and focus on that first,” says Penner.

“We are required to collect and report large amounts of non-clinical data under the guise of quality improvement.  Is this necessary and sustainable? Data collection and analysis is a costly effort and there needs to be some controls placed on the mandates coming down to providers.  We do not need total population reporting to improve quality.  ‘Tasting the soup’ or sampling smaller data sets also results in positive improvement.”

Penner explains that we are at a critical point -- potentially a breaking point -- in regards to the demands being placed on health care providers for reporting. 

“We need to talk seriously and often to policy makers about the true cost of health care delivery as these unfunded mandates continue to be implemented.  We need to shift the dialogue from the cost of receiving healthcare to the cost of delivering healthcare.”

For more insight into e-health initiatives, how clinics are adapting to the mandates, and how the patient experience is changing, contact: 

Bruce Penner, Director of Quality, Integrity Health Network, LLC,  (218) 722-8802, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., www.IHNhealth.com.

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